About us

Who are we?

Another world is possible…

Our world is increasingly divided: a vast majority drowning in deprivation and exclusion, a tiny minority soaked in luxury and power. Only 4% of the wealth of the richest 200 odd people would be enough for basic education, healthcare, adequate food, and safe water and sanitation for all the world ‘s people !

You can get depressed or be indifferent but The Conch urge you to imagine a different future and fight for it!

The Conch aims to help mobilise and inspire communities to organise and to create a new vision of society. Mobilised and organised, communities have the power to change things, locally and globally. Like all expressions of culture music encompasses both the old and the past, and can open the road to the future and the new. We can and do choose to use our music to express all the suffering and the joy of the past and to inspire those in struggle with the stories of victories, lessons of defeats and the passion of the everyday lives of struggle that ordinary working people lead.

Because we want to be part of the movements for social change, we want to be part of the thinking and discussion that goes on among them. We want to help raise conch-ousness and be a platform for all those others who want to make music and art for the revolution!

We’re not a band but a social change project. Everyone is welcome to be part of it. Give us your ideas for our music, for our discussions and for our musical actions. Join the movement alongside The Conch.

“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.”
Arundhati Roy

We have done benefit gigs for Refugee Action Collective, Friends of the Earth, Council of Single Mothers and their Children, Green Left Weekly, Centre for Latin American Solidarity and Studies, Nuclear Free Australia, Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network, the Your Rights at Work campaign, Unions and community groups and many more. If you would like to book the conch let us know!

To get involved contact The Conch: jo [at] theconch.org or visit our website: www.theconch.org