let me tell ya story bout a little chaveztita

me walkin in di city me see her in di streeta

she make me heart go crazy, she make me skip a beata

and all me wanna do isa lova anna pleasa

she wan i pick her up and take her drivin in me car

maybe take her to a restaurant and then go to a bar

make me feel a really primo make me feela like a star

ah me chaveztita, me wonder where you are

she wanna play guitar an she lova be a singa

and when di music starts, she gotta shaka thinga

but if you get too close to her, watchout for her stinga

she keep her powder dry, she got a itchy trigger finga

she really love to dance but she hate di macarena

she prefer the guaguanco, mozambique and deblena

merengue, somontuno, di rumba and di salsa

she gotta all di moves she gotta finga on di pulsa

in di middle of di day she go for a siesta

she save her energy for revolution and fiesta

but it’s only after midnight when she’s at her besta

me wish she come to me so me could kissa and caressa

ch ch ch chaveztita

she donna like police or dem capitalistas

she makin fun o dem and to dem she shake her fista

make me tinka revolution just like di sandinista

me like a what she say, yeah me lova pointa vista

she donna like di pm and dat gringo presidente

she say dey so corrupt and dey much too decadente

dey wanna blow di world up and she tinks dey all are crazy

and even wit di light on they still seem very shady

she sings all de songs written by Victor Jara

she reads all the speeches by Fidel and Che Guevara

she rhymes all the poems of Pablo Neruda

she lookin like a goddess when she ride her motor scooter


ch ch chaveztita

i really like to meet her

nothing would be sweeter

she say she used to hava thing for evo morales

but now she say she wanna jump the bones of hugo chavez

she gotta many more and she wanna many others

what me gotta do to become one of her lovers

she gotta plenty chicos and a chica on the side

she like to fool around but she donna lika hide

she say dat life’s too short and dere’s nothin she won’t try

an wen she looks at me you know it makes me wanna fly

she donna like a drink but she lova smoka kaya

you can giva tings but der money cannot buya

she really get me going, she set me heart on fire

me really lika style she take me higha anna higha

she lookin like bandida army boots and a bandana

she gotta in di style di last time in havana

she wanna live in Cuba and live like a Cubana

or go to Venezuela be a Bolivariana

and when i talk about her i get verbal diahroea

cause when she’s in full flight she give me love and fear

she make me head go dizzy, make me belly feela queer

she get me so excited dat me wanna all for meah!


ch ch ch chaveztita

i really like to meet her

nothing could be sweeter

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