Song from the other side


Now the question is “What you gonna do?”

‘Cause my body’s a bomb and I’m standing next to you

‘Cause no-one ever took the time to ask me

“Is there anything I can do?”

And no-one came to save us like the movies

Our heroes are all gone.

No-one came to educate the people

In what was right and what was wrong.

And all I wanted was you to lend me your ear

But now I’m gonna take away your body

As I detonate this problem when I end it right here

And the world will know Jerusalem’s gone rotten.

And I feel like flying (keep your dollar bills)

I feel like jumping up and down

I feel like leaping to the moon

I feel Olympic when I leave this room.

I feel like driving one of those

I feel like putting on new clothes

I feel like ringing all the city bells

I feel like fishing in your oil well

I feel like making up some memories

I feel like falling to my knees again

I feel the anger from this crowd

And I’m on fire…

I feel like… I feel like… I feel like digging useless holes

I want to see your jelly rolls

I feel like swimming in your sea

But that’s just me… I like it naturally.

I like it naturally.

I feel like arguing with police

I feel like littering the streets

With bombs that my friends built for me

And the economy

I feel like blowing up my car

I feel like kicking down my doors and windows

Just to see how far

You’d let me go…

words and music – simon price

horn arrangements – sean nihill

Creative Commons: Attribution