Try it!


You’re standing in the schoolyard

And no-one knows your name

But you don’t have to worry ‘cause

This day is just the same

The teacher’s trying to tell you

That the planet it is square

And you don’t need a reason

Drop your bag – get out of there

Just try it – play hooky – I think you might like it!

So when you find yourself getting bogged down with Voltaire

Listen to Bob Marley, you’ve got a dread in there

Now you’re standing on a cliff top

And you cannot see below

And you want a go at flying

But you’ve got a way to go

Your friends they all have started

And you’re interested to know

So what’s the point in waiting

‘Cause tomorrow it may snow

So try it –

What’s the worst thing that can happen?

So when you find yourself standing on a ledge

You’ll see the view is better when you’re living on the edge

Considering some travel or career in government

Head out to the airport, you know it’s heaven sent

Don’t worry bout the mortgage, don’t care about the rent

‘Cause when you’re over 80, you’ll wonder where it went!

So when you need to break out of your wobbly old self

You’ll see that changing direction is so good for mental health

You’re standing on the corner

You’re waiting for the bus

The bus is running late

so you start kicking up a fuss

and then it starts to rain

and you find you’re getting wet

so get out on your bike

and ride into the sunset

just try it!

When you stand for freedom, you stand up for your self

When you stand for justice it’s so good for mental health

You hear you’ve got new neighbours

Maybe recently they came

They may not talk like you or me

They may not look the same

Perhaps they came as migrants

Or maybe refugees

But when you get to know them

See they’re just like you and me

So try it – I think you might like it

You think they may be terrorists or so that you were told

When you show a friendly face it comes back to you tenfold

words and music – scotty lewington

words – simon price

horn arrangements – sean nihill

Creative Commons: Attribution